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Want a safer way to exit?

Learn how to reduce capital at risk on deals between $250K & $20M

What is Representations & Warranties coverage?

Acquirecover protects buyers against a seller's misrepresentations and financial warranty claims. You can close deals faster with greater confidence and financial protection by using our policy. And that’s peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else (not to mention more moola in your pocket). Cha-ching.

Learn how to eliminate escrow on your next deal.

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We make M&A deals safer

An insurance policy that covers the sell-side against buy-side claims you mislead or lied about your company financials

A way for sellers to guarantee they walk away with the negotiated price and not suffer hold-backs or legal fees

Protection for buyers who want to settle with an insurance company instead of battling a seller through lawyers.

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Who needs Representations & Warranties Insurance?

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) comes with a hefty amount of risk. Consider what would happen if a buyer claimed you misrepresented earnings or you face back-taxes because of an audit. This policy serves as an excellent negotiating tool for sellers, often ensuring more lenient indemnification terms and removes the need for an escrow hold-back.

Brokers, sellers & buyers

Business brokers use an R&W insurance policy to help to simplify and speed up negotiation of the acquisition agreement. Get more info for business brokers

The seller can improve the condition of the deal, provide a cleaner exit, reduce or eliminate the traditional seller’s indemnity. Get more info for business sellers

The buyer who wants to transfer M&A fears and risks to an insurer can make buyers’ bids seem more attractive & help eliminate the need for escrow.

What's covered under Representations & Warranties Insurance?

Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise; however, so is post-acquisition litigation. Sellers involved in these types of ventures face a barrage of law suits if the deal goes bad. This policy protects sellers against the risk of costly litigation and risk of forfeiting of escrow funds after a merger or acquisition.

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Affordable protection

Reps & Warranty insurance covers all breaches of the sell-side's representations and warranties made within the purchase agreement.

The seller is covered but only to the extent where the seller was not aware of such an incorrect representation or warranty.

The buyer is covered but only to the extent of being made a loss payee on all claim settlements made on the seller's policy.

Representation & Warranties Insurance Claim Examples

We're the first and only SME reps and warranty solution dedicated to protecting the sell-side. Whatever it is they’re getting into or out of, we give just the right amount of coverage. Because let’s face it—doing a deal with Gordon Gekko is different than say, liquidating your inventory.

AcquireCover has one of the market's largest dedicated transaction liability insurance underwriting teams, made up of former M&A attorneys, investment bankers and chartered accountants, all with real-world R&W insurance experience handling transactions of all sizes.

Here are some claim examples


A buyer discovered that a sellers’ representations were inaccurate, and the buyer suffered a financial loss. A massive lawsuit was diverted by the policy.


A buyer was notified of significant patent litigation regarding proprietary software included in the sale. A claim was filed to defend the seller.


After closing a deal, the business was investigated for employment law violations. Helpfully, Acquirecover insurers paid for the defence costs & settlement.

Read our 2022 infographic on real-world M&A claims.

How it works.

Wall Street Protection for Main Street.

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AcquireCover helps you exit your business cleanly, without escrow or worries about future Reps & Warranty penalties.

We take a proactive approach in addressing gaps in the SME M&A market, creating innovative and commercially relevant solutions.

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