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How can sellers guarantee they get paid in full?

"Our first of its kind coverage helps SME business owners exit cleaner, with less legal fees & no escrow."
Craig Arnatt, Acquirecover co-founder

Transactional Liability (TL) or 'reps and warranties’ insurance has always been expensive and out of reach for most SME business owners leaving them financially vulnerable when unexpected laws suits or tax liabilities come to light post-closing. Acquirecover has changed all that.

What's different about this policy?
Our policy protects the SME - Small to Medium sized Enterprise owner against frivolous and unknown liabilities for the statute seven years (six in some areas) that may pop up after the deal closes. This type of policy lets you minimize all potential cost associated with and fend off later financial recourses that may be levied against you while you earn out or remain active in the business.

Acquirecover brings affordable M&A protection to the small & medium sized business owner against all innocent and unknown breaches of a representation or warranty. Acquirecover removes the financial risk and allows the buyer to release and distribute funds to you without the risk of a later claim.

Buy Transaction Liability (TL) Insurance when selling your business and get the financial support your good name deserves.

Wall Street Protection for Main Street.

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